If you own a property for a long enough time, then you will likely have issues. These problems can come sooner rather than later if you own an older home that has not had updates or remodeling done to it. Even brand new homes can experience structural damage in extreme weather conditions. Most roofing issues are caused by normal wear and tear from the sun, wind, snow, rain, and ice over time. In some cases, inferior materials or poor craftsmanship can lead to roof damage.

Roof Replacement or Repair

There is a multitude of issues that can occur with your roof including cracks, dents, missing shingles, or cracked shingles. Sometimes it can easy to determine whether you should simply repair your roof or replace it completely, but in some cases, it can be tough to assess the damage. We would like to outline the steps you should take to decide what is best in your situation.

Ask the experts

Most people take their car to a mechanic if there is an issue. The same concept applies here. Local roofing contractors can review the extent of the damage and let you know your options. There are instances where a temporary fix can save you money and buy you some time, but in other cases, there is only one solution. Although you may forgo roof leak repair, it is not in your best interest because it can become more expensive to fix down the road if left untreated. It is not worth sacrificing the safety of you and your family with a broken roof.

The professional roofing contractor will let you know whether they recommend to repair your roof or replace it entirely. Be direct and ask questions about the quality of material they use and any warranty on the quality of their work.


If roof repair will take care of your problem, then the next thing to consider is cost. Is the cost justifiable based on how long the repair will last? If there is not much difference between repairing your roof and replacing it, then the choice is obvious. Analyze the cost against how long it will last and how it will look.